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mainDevil Maker Tokyo is definitely my new favorite card game as of late because of the TCG RPG system it has to offer. I have been playing this game so much that I am already max level. Playing Korean card games can become frustrating sometimes especially if you really don't understand whats going on, so I am here to help you guys out with very useful tips on how to play and survive in Devil Maker Tokyo. I will also teach you how to get your free first time five star card that is very over powered and a must get.

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Exploring Tips
-Always Engage a Raid Boss because you get your entrance AP fee back.
-Only explore areas you can beat.
-Never go back to lower level areas unless you're farming items.
-Never explore the Level 30 Hidden or Daily Area you will get owned.
-Farm the area that has a high spawn for 4 star boss cards.
-Farm as many FP as you can, used for end game dungeons.
-Don't be scared to use Red Potions, they can be purchased in the item shop.
-Use Red Potions in level 30+ dungeons only.


Leveling Up Tips
-Always go to a dungeon you know can clear.
-Farm the 4 star boss cards ASAP.
-Add a lot of random friends, last hitting a Raid Boss gives you 30-40k EXP
-Never solo a Raid Boss, it is a waste of FP that is used for end game dungeons.

Potion Tips
-Using Red Potions is ok but don't go crazy.
-Save your White Potions, the dungeons at level 40+ are very challenging.
-Never use your green potions. (Save it for when the hidden area pops up)
-Never EVER use a yellow potion.
-Yellow potions should only be used for Unique Skills that have "Purple" border around it. Purple>Gold>Silver


Friend Points
-Even though you have a lot of FP now save it.
-End Game dungeons require a lot of FP.
-Only nuke a Raid Boss once.

Important Cards & Leveling Up Right Ones
-Kakao Talk Card (Free Look Below)
-Four Star Boss Cards (Highlighted below)
-Never ever use Pink Tickets on Cards, save it for End Game.
-Level Up All your 4-5 star cards in your line up to 20 first then all to 30 then all to 40
-Level Up your Kakao Card first.
-Use Pink Ticket to get your Kakao Card to Rank A minimum. Rank S is hard and a waste of tickets.
-Don't need to level up your Purple EXP Cherry cards. Just feed it directly.
-DO NOT FEED OR THROW AWAY your 4 star cards to your other cards. You will use them for end game crafting in the future.
-Card LEVEL UP Bonus is every Sunday in Korea.


You will get a lot of four star Unique Boss Cards mainly the ones shown above around the level 30 areas. It is important that you do not level up the ones that have sucky stats. As you can see above, the four star cards that I have leveled up have at least 800 DP and + another green stat that increases my AP or HP. DP is very important for the level 50 end game dungeon that is filled with boss fights only. Once you get around the level 40'ish you can farm the two unique 5 star boss cards that is very good. Once again, don't level up cards if it doesn't have DP. Unless it adds a lot of AP and HP. The stats from cards and hidden bosses are random.


Extra Special Cards
-The Gothic Dress Female Skill Card (You don't need to worry about this until end game)
-A Max Level 5 Star Gothic Dress Female Skill Card will give a Purple Skill that is transferable to your end game card.
-The Male Character Card is with eye patch is just a gold card, NPC it for more gold.
-Purple Card is for leveling up cards (Save them for Sunday Korean Time)


Side Dungeons
You can enter endless mode for free once a day, try to get over 5k for free event prizes every 2 weeks.
-Once you used up your daily pass you can pay 20 to enter again which isn't worth it.
-Daily Dungeon - This dungeon is only good for end game in the future the prizes change everyday.
-Hidden Dungeon - This dungeon pops up for 1-2 hours. I usually use 1 green potion to clear the level 30 area 5 times to get a leveling up cherry.

Gacha & When to Roll
-Never Ever Roll Gacha without FEVER TIME
-The bottom right on the bottom of the gacha page is the fever bar.
-When this Gauge is shining, that is when you use your tickets or cash.
-Higher chance to get 4-5 Star Cards
-FEVER TIME lasts for 10-25 minutes.

Player Vs Player Tips

DP is important but it will be impossible to be in the top 100 unless you have a deck filled with 5 star boss cards or special cards. You will lose 90% of the time but don't give up. If you're a hardcore player PvPing is one of the fastest way to level because you can get AP back every 15 minutes. Stats reset every 2-3 weeks so don't worry about losing a lot. The rewards for PvPing a lot is also good to collect.


Free 5 Star KakaoTalk Card HOT (Limited Time)!

This is a must do if you're planning on playing Devil Maker Tokyo for awhile. It's actually fairly easy to setup all you need is KakaoTalk account. I actually suggest starting out the game as a KakaoTalk user instead of guest login, though I am not sure if it will make a difference later. Anyway, to get this card all you need to do is login your KakaoTalk program and add users navyya001~200. For example, I have added navvya012, navvya042, navvya045, and etc. You will have to add 30 of them so have fun picking your numbers. After you have succesfully added them, restart your game and click on the Kakao button. Start sending them random game invites and you will be done! Easy peasy right!? Unfortunately, this process can't be completed in a day as you can only invite 20 players a day. It should take you two days so get started.

-One of the best starting cards in the game
-Guaranteed Unique Skill
-Max level this card ASAP


Level 50 End Game Card Combining - (Coming Soon)

End Game Dungeon - Boss Rush

The bosses in the Level 50 dungeon are very hard, shown below. One of the reasons why I tell you to save your FP is because every fight will cost you 100 FP. You will always need to use 2 helper cards and they must be 5 star helper cards or else you will most likely fail the fight. There is very low chance to obtain these boss cards but once you get one, you will be able to fight the next boss in that dungeon. As you can see I barely won the boss battle below surviving with one card. Phew what a hard end game content. I also forgot to mention that this is the 2nd and 3rd boss so there are other bosses in this crazy end game dungeon. In fact one of the bosses here has 50,000 DP..... yeah game over lol. Anyway, I hope I get one of the boss cards soon I have killed them over 100 times but nothing so far >_<.

If you guys have anymore questions feel free to ask me on my or below. I check my FB daily or every other day, so I will make sure to answer your question when I see it. Have fun and good luck! On the side note, I am definitely looking forward to testing out Million Sword Girls S soon. Also if you want to be KakaoTalk friends let me know, I will accept your invite!

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