Sword Girls S Mini Review

sgmain2The live service test for Sword Girls S launched yesterday and received a lot of attention. Unfortunately, Sword Girls S was short-lived and had to be terminated 11 hours in the launch due to a critical bug and exploit with the cash system. Being a card maniac, there was no way that I would have missed this opportunity on testing out Sword Girls S, so I have prepared a really awesome mini review for you guys to enjoy. This review is going to be image heavy so you might want to pre load the page before hand.


Just like the original version of Sword Girls, players are given the option on which starting faction they would like to start with. As usual, I decided to go with my favorite character Iri who sides with the Dark Lore. Shortly after creating my character I had to go through a lengthy tutorial that explained how to play the game. I was really confused at first but after playing for a good hour or two, I was able to adapt to the games play style very easily.


One of the cool features about the lobby system in Sword Girls S is that the background often changes, so you're always going to see different kinds of pictures. There are a lot of menus but the one thing that I was shocked to see implemented in the game was the Auction/Trading system. That's right! I haven't played a TCG in awhile that had such features. The Auction System lets players sell off their extra cards for Gold Points, which can then be used to buy more cards and other goodies in the future.

c1  c2

Sword Girls S had some flaws that I would like to point out and one of them was that the cards looked very stretched, especially on my iPad4. The other thing was that the game ended up being a Mobage style title, which I really don't like. I could already tell because while playing the game I had this browser based like detective feeling. I really didn't like the response time of the menus, when tapped the buttons didn't feel like buttons at all. The UI could use a lot of improvement in my opinion, the game felt low quality in general and I would still play Devil Maker Tokyo or Million Arthur over this.

bossf  bsc

I decided to roll a bit of gacha and got lucky, ended up with a 5 star card! Sword Girls S also has a public chat, just like the original. A lot of people were complaining about the low gacha rates. I'm kind of wondering on how they are going to reimburse the players that spent a lot of money during the first day of live service, that is, if they plan on wiping all data due to the critical bugs and stuff. Playing this game is really easy, even if you don't understand Moon Runes! For example, you don't even need to press anything during fights since it's all auto. Leveling up cards was pretty simple. I thought that the original Sword Girls was more complicated than Sword Girls S.

l  l2

Getting started on the iOS was very simple, all you need to do is download the game, then register as a guest user. Unfortunately, linking your Kakao Talk account was a little bit complicated for Sword Girls S because it required some kind of phone or identification or verification. Which was shockingly odd because that is the first time I have encountered it for smart phones and tablets.

exp  map

Personally, I think I am starting to get sick of games that has some kind of exploring or walking around feature like Million Arthur. Especially when the theme or look of an area doesn't even look like it belongs to the game. Like take a look at the card artwork and the exploring area artwork, it seems oddly off doesn't it...? Oh well, other than that this was a complete disaster for a live service launch. Perhaps they should have done a CBT or OBT beforehand. I will probably end up trying this game out again mainly because I was a big Sword Girls fan at one point. This game is available for both the iOS and android devices, so if you guys are liking what you see, then feel free to try it out when they re-open their service. I will definitely let you guys know when they resume their service, other than that I have plentiful more screenshots located at here.