Aster Gate Online TCG Review


My avid readers should be aware that I can become a crazy person when it comes down TCG titles. With that said, I am going to write my first impressions of the newly released browser based TCG title in Japan called Aster Gate Online. It's been awhile since I have written a TCG review. I am hoping that this review may help you decide if this game is worth trying out or not.

Character Selection - Cute and Sexy

There are three main characters to choose from in Aster Gate Online with five selectable sub characters. Now I will help you decide on which character to pick! The main characters will only make their appearance during special moves in battle against players or boss fights. While the sub character you choose will often give you advise and hang out with you in the lobby. Make sure you decide on which sub character character you want to see everyday because you can't change it the future.


Gameplay and Boss System - Explore and Kill

Like most TCG's Aster Gate offers the usual exploration and boss system. Users can explore certain areas with a click of a button which is nice and simple. After exploring an area fully to 100%, you will move on to exploring the next area. While exploring, there is a chance that you will run across a normal boss. After hitting the boss once, it automatically becomes tagged by everyone on your friends list. After the boss is successfully defeated, there is a small chance of it awakening or should I enraging! These type of bosses will have a ton of HP and is very difficult to take down alone, unless you've become very overpowered.


AP, Cost, and BP System - Where should I put my points?

Point allocation is much more difficult in this game mainly because your BP is capped at 600 and it doesn't go up. When leveling up, you can raise your AP which is used for exploring or COST. The higher your COST is, the more powerful cards you can equip. If you're planning on straight out going PvE only, then I suggest pumping most of your points into AP. If you're going to PvP a lot, then you can put a bunch of points into COST. Some players who just want to do a little bit of both put points into a 2 to 1 ratio or 1 to 1. It's up to you, just be aware that pumping too many points into AP is bad. Mainly because you might not have enough COST to equip your more powerful cards in the future. The only way to get points in this game is to level up and add new friends.


Deck System - The way I like it

One of the things that I really liked about Aster Gate is that you can have four pre-made decks ready. This makes things a lot easier when PvP'ing and PvE'ing as you can choose which deck to attack with on the far right hand side of the screen. As for me, I made my first deck into an all out deck maximizing my full cost. My second deck, which is my boss killing deck that consists of three poweful cards that have 2x-5x damage. My third deck is my strongest max level single card, which is good deck to use when sniping low HP bosses. Lastly, my fourth deck is some random 2 COST card that is used to tag a friends boss. My customized decks are situational. For example, if I was targeting a specific boss that a friend of mine spawned. I would use my second or third deck to kill it depending on how much HP it has. If I was desperate enough to get the last hit or know the boss will survive. I will they use my all out first deck. It may sound confusing, but it's realyl simple once you've played the game. Lastly, I just thought that you guys should know that unlocking the 4th slot requires 1,000 cash points. Which bothered me a lot at first, but at the rate they are giving cash points away, I was able to unlock it for free.



Gacha - Pay to Win?

Most TCG's usually force you to pay their gacha to obtain their rare cards. With Aster Gate's boss system, you can obtain the rare cards hardcore playing alone or with extreme luck. The reason mainly resides in how the boss system works in this game. Just like the Million Arthur the awakened or enraged bosses in this game has a good chance of dropping the 5 star boss card itself and a small chance of dropping a different 5 star card normally obtained from the paid gacha.