Cyphers Online Review

mainNeople and Joker's latest online action game,Cyphers,is loads of fun. Cyphers is an upcoming 5vs5 Team Action game which is similar to games like DoTa, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth,etc. One exception is the game takes place in third person view. Some other things that make Cyphers different are the fast paced gameplay, crazy team fights, a unique combo system, and it's own exclusive leveling up system via item purchase. Cyphers Online would have to be my among my top picks for a 5vs5 game coming out this year. It's quite entertaining and can keep you interested and coming back for more, and is comparable to any of the current 5vs5 objective hero action games that are on the market. Find out out why foreign gamers are eagerly awaiting Cyphers Online to hit Open Beta below.

Cyphers Online Anime Intro


If you love playing games like the ones I mentioned above, then you will truly love Cyphers Online. I've been hooked on this game so much, staying up all night until 7am playing non stop! So addicted that even if my friends weren't on for a pre-made team match up, I would solo queue alone just so I can farm items, unlock achievements, earn money, level up characters, and practice new heroes. Games can get pretty intense that you will surely lose track of how much time has passed by. This game is all about push push push and team work, it's a good thing you can ping the mini map for members who often gets lost and in need of directions. If you can't handle playing the same map over and over, then you should probably turn back now. An early apology if I do newbie things in the upcoming videos for this review, some of the videos in this review were made during my first day of Cyphers. While some other videos were recorded during the last few days of the "Final Test" for this game.

A very squishy carry that does a lot of damage.

Gameplay & Matchmaking

Cyphers is pretty easy to pick up especially for users who played a lot of action games. There are currently sixteen playable characters and rumors say that Neople will be adding two or three more characters once Open Beta kicks off. You and your team select a character before the match begins, or Random if you think you're pro enough. It's a good thing that users can't pick a character that's already selected by your team mates, or the game would be too broken.

The objectives are pretty simple dominate the other team, destroy their towers, their guardian, and main building. Towers and Turrets doesn't kill you in three to four hits so back dooring is one of the biggest strategies in Cyphers Online. What is back dooring? It is when player decides to ninja an enemy building when the opposing team is busy pushing as a group. You won't be farming much in Cyphers, most of the time you will be too busy destroying enemy towers, defending towers, team fighting, picking off stragglers, and etc. If you want to get better at this game, then you will definitely need to be map aware. Meaning constantly looking at the mini map if you're going to get ganked or what not, the fog of war is very dangerous! Also practicing skill combos in the training room is a big plus. Unlike your average 5vs5 games, you aren't spamming skill orders. In here you have time your skills properly to land grabs in your combo.

Playing as my favorite support character.

According to Neople, Cyphers offers it own unique match making system that finds you opponents with similar stats. I haven't had much trouble with the match making system yet, meaning I don't get owned every game or something. There are times when I felt like matchmaking was a bit broken, but not as so much that it made me want to rage quit the game. Also when you solo queue, there are times you will end up joining a match that has started already. If you end up joining a late match you will be given the gold to compensate and catch up to your team!

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