Chaos Online Open Beta Review

main2I decided to pick up on a new MOBA/AOS type of game called Chaos Online early last month. Which turned out to be a bad idea, mainly because I can't stop playing after a single match. Chaos Online can be very addicting, especially to players who often played games like League of Legends, Dota2, HoN, and all the other popular games similar to it. I've provided six new gameplay videos along with a bunch of useful information that can help you get jump started on Chaos Online.

Character Shop & Such

Chaos online is a crazy battle between good and evil; the good being The Alliance and the evil being The Immortals. Yeah, it sounds pretty lame but that's how it is. As of yesterday, Chaos Online went into official service, meaning now you can purchase all of the characters with real money or ingame currency. You don't really need to farm much to play the popular or over powered characters. The cost of each character varies. Some of the really good characters are expensive, but then there are characters that aren't that popular or simply suck that have a ridiculous price on them.

Ranked Match as Mazenda

There are a couple gameplay modes available right from the start. One of the selectable game mode is five players against five bots, or you can practice new characters by yourself with bots. If you're an experienced MOBA/AOS player then you would definitely jump right into the five vs five player mode. Finally, there is the ranking match mode that is only available after you have reached the maximum level in Chaos Online. It's really hard to play my favorite hero named Mazenda in ranked matches because it takes a lot of skill and most people que dodge her right away when they see her.

Roller skating the enemy team.

So what makes Chaos Online different? For one thing, there are a crap load of towers in this game. There are three lanes which are top, middle, and bottom. In the outer layer of these lanes there are two towers for each lane, which brings you a grand total of six towers for the side you are playing. After you have successfully destroyed the two towers in that lane, you can then move on to the inner tower in that lane also known as a Sentinel. The Sentinels have mass aoe attacks and super duper fast attack speed, making them very hard to kill and back door early in the game. After you have successfully killed the Sentinel in a lane, you can then move on to the single tower guarding the barracks. You don't need to destroy this tower, in fact most players rush the barracks instead of the tower mainly because towers heal themselves over time. A guardian occasionally roams around your base and likewise for the enemy base, this guardian does a bunch of damage and slows you down. After you have killed all of the towers, barracks, and the guardian then you can move on to the last two towers guarding the nexus. After you destroy the two nexus towers, you can finally attack the main nexus to win the game. You can't back door barracks until you destroy the Sentinel guarding that lane. Phew, that was a crap load of stuff to destroy right?