Ai Sp@ce Review

Money is a little bit harsh in this game if you want to buy a lot of clothes you will have to be extremely lucky with the Slot Machine or save a lot of money for a piece of clothing.  I don't really feel like farming for money in this game so I rarely do the quests.  Quests in this game involve mostly just talking from Npc to Npc which can get very...very...very... boring fast.  You can always get free daily 1000 monies which is like the best thing ever!  I always log on just to pick up money from this npc and log back off if there is nothing to do in game.


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Ai Sp@ce implemented something that I have never seen before in other games that I have played.  They added a User created story line gameplay to be shared among others by uploading to their network.  From there users can either pay for the story using ingame money or download it for free depending on how lenient the user is.  After downloading the story you can access it from your computer inside your own apartment.

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I Spy on them~

The game needs more content but it is still lacking a lot for an online game.  They may not have enough budget but in the near future they should add Mini-Games, Sports Clubs, and other ways to earn money and clothing.  With all those addition they may actually have a chance of having a more active community.  In the end the game is still installed in my computer since I like to run around and pick up my daily 1000 coins from the shop so that I can save up for a new set of clothing.  If you like Anime and stuff you should try out the game anyway if you have a NicoNico video account there you're ready to go just download the client!

Clannad School

Shuffle! School

Game Score: 6.0

Developer: Dwango / NicoNico
Game Publisher: Dwango / NicoNico
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