EOS Online Review

main0 I've recently had a chance to play test NVIUS and NHN Hangame Korea's latest title called EOS Online. The game made its' debut last month and there has been a lot of talk if this game will be good or not! Just like all my other reviews, I have prepared a bunch of high quality 1080p gameplay videos for your viewing pleasure. I've always enjoyed providing lengthy videos so that my readers can also be the judge of the game. With that said grab a light snack and prepare yourself for a first look hands on impression of EOS also known as Echo of Souls Online.

First Look Gameplay

Character Customization & Playable Classes

One of the things that will probably bother players the most is the lack of character customization. A few days ago I teased everyone with the first closed beta character creation video below. There are only four playable classes in the first CBT and they are Warrior, Guardian, Rogue, and Sorcerer. The classes are gender locked so you're forced to play a male or female character depending on the class you're going to play. I'm not sure if this will change in the future but I am definitely sure that there will be a lot of disappointed people!

Character Customization

Gameplay & Combat

EOS Online offers the same old Point & Click style combat which might be a problem to those players that have been spoiled with action or non-targeting MMORPG's. One of the unique things that this game offers is the soul system, killing monsters will give you temporary souls that power up your character. After you have collected enough souls, you will be able to activate a temporary buff that will help you in your adventures. Other than that everything seemed pretty average to me. EOS Online has some kind of combo or skill chaining system. Skills become a lot stronger if they are followed by a certain skill so keep an eye out on the hotbar below and use the skills highlighted!

Level 10 Gameplay

Leveling Up & Questing

Grinding didn't seem much of a problem, I was able to level up fast just as long as I kept my questing pace and completed all of the quests. It's a good a idea to do all of the quests because some of them unlocks new ones, so if you ever find yourself running out of quests back track a little bit. I haven't ran across any special quests in the game yet just the usual kill "x" amount of monsters and collect "x" amount of items. I liked the quest where I had to save the burning village from the monster invasion. It was really awkward finding little girls inside barrels shown in the video right below. I usually don't mind grinding in MMORPG's just as long as the monsters gave a reasonable amount of EXP. Though it seemed like the fastest way to level up in this game was through quests alone. The game doesn't have any nifty auto-walk to quest mobs feature or auto running to certain areas but it does offer markers on where you should go next. Even if you didn't understand Korean at all you'll be able to get by just fine following the arrows and numbers on the main or mini map.

Saving the Village!

Graphics & Sound

The graphics was decent enough I actually kind of liked it a little bit more than Archlord II's graphics. It's not as crazy good looking as all of the newer next generation Point & Click MMORPG's like Bless and ArcheAge. However, it does look better than the other Point & Click games I have recently tested last month! I thought that the BGM & Sound FX fit perfectly well with the game. One the things that stood out in this game is the unique ground textures. In most MMORPG's that I play there are times when you'll be able to recognize the repeating floor palette or tiling one after the other but it is not noticeable in this game. Though I can not say the same when it comes down to the monsters of the game. I ran across a lot of recycled low level monsters especially that freaking bear type of mob.

Newbie Town


My first CBT experience was soso there wasn't anything special that kept me hooked on the game. Their catch phrase for EOS Online is "For the MMORPG that you've lost." The only thing that I have lost while testing this game is interest. Then again this was the first CBT so there is still a lot of time and room for improvement. I hope they add more playable classes in the future or more unique features. I will probably end up waiting a few more CBT's before I try out this game again. Hope you guys enjoyed this first look review and see you next time on Steparu.com!

Game Score: 7.0

Developer: NVIUS
Publisher: NHN Hangame Korea
Game Site: http://eos.hangame.com/