Asta Online Review CBT1

mainThe first Closed Beta Test for Asta Online The War of Tears and Winds is about to come to an end and I have spent most of my weekend venturing into the awesome world it has to offer. Are you interested in finding out whether or not Asta Online is just another oriental asian game, or if it has some unique features? Then you've come to the right place as I have lots of new stuff to share with you guys during my Asta Online adventures.

Unique Backgrounds & Exotic Monsters

Playable Races and Classes

Asta Online has a lot of playable races and classes for players to choose from. Unfortunately, some of the classes are locked to certain races. For example, the Oni race can only pick one class which is a melee Fighter or Tanker type of class. Which doesn't bother me much mainly because it would be really awkward to see a red looking Oni wielding a staff and casting magical spells right!? Anyway, the most versatile race out of them all would have to be the Humans of both factions. Mainly because they can pick all of the playable classes. However they do not excel in some of the classes compared the other races who are locked to a specific class. I've only posted two character creation videos below, for those of you who want to see all of the races and playable classes, then make sure you check out my Asta Online Character Creation article. Each playable race starts off in their own very unique area, I really liked the Fox race's starting area.

Human Race

Fox Race

Gameplay & Combat

I like getting straight to the point of things so when it comes down to combat, Asta Online doesn't have anything unique or new to offer. Thankfully, I am a pretty flexible type of person when it comes down to combat in MMORPG's. Sure, I have been spoiled by a crap load of action MMORPG's but that doesn't mean I will look the other way and forget a title just because it is a Point & Click game. With that said, Asta Online offers classic combat. Point and Click where you want to go, or use the W,A,S,D keys to maneuver your character. If you're a veteran MMORPG player, this game should be very easy to pick up. Tab and Left Click to select your monsters, drag skills to hot bar, move camera around with the mouse, pick up stuff with the F, jumping with spacebar, and etc. It was a very easy game to pick up, I didn't really have much problem with moving around or the games combat system. The starting tutorial actually walks you through everything, so if this is your first MMORPG, which is highly unlikely but if it is, then you can rest assured.


Questing & Leveling Up

To be honest leveling was kind of boring during my low level experience but I didn't want to give up on the game just yet, so I decided to play it a bit more. Things started picking up once I hit level ten, my character learned a bunch of new skills and killing monsters went by a lot faster making the game less grindy than it felt.

Playing as the Oni Race

Asta Online offers a wide variety of quests ranging from killing stuff, collecting, running errands for NPC's, field event quests, and etc. One of the things that I enjoyed about the questing system in Asta is the field event quests that is a little bit similar to Guild Wars 2 quests. Once you reach a certain area you will automatically be given a "yellow" colored quest that shares within everyone in that area. The event quests have multiple phases, usually in forms of kill x amount of monsters in Phase one. Kill stuff, defend objective, escort, and other random things for phase two. Then at the end of the phase two or three everyone in the area must fight the event boss. After everyone has succeeded in killing the random event boss, a ranking list will pop up showing which players contributed the most during the event quest right from the start to end. If you're ranked high enough, you will earn better rewards and points to purchase goodies.

Event Quests

I had a little bit of trouble navigating around the original normal quests with my limited knowledge of Korean, so there were a couple of quests that I ended up skipping. This game doesn't really offer any quest guide. Frankly, I wasn't fond of the "normal" questing system of the game because it was really hard to find my objectives using the "helper" feature of the game. At least skipping a few quests in the game didn't give my character a huge level disadvantage. There was a lot of quests to do and the monsters gave a reasonable amount of EXP.

Leeching a Boss

Graphics & Theme

As a viewer, Asta Online's graphics may not seem all that appealing. I honestly felt the same way when I watched gameplay trailers and such. Though once I was in the game, I fully understood why the game was presented in this manner and the art direction it is heading into. A lot of the areas and monsters in Asta Online are very unique looking. It's actually one of the first games I have tested where I am actually looking forward to seeing the unique looking monsters in the game. Half of the time I couldn't think of the name of the monster I was killing. Unlike other MMORPG's you already know what you're killing like Slimes, Minotaurs, Zombies, Goblins, and etc. I suppose I need to brush up on my Asian folklore and mythology some more.

Killing Weird Stuff

Do keep in mind that this is the first test for Asta Online so most of the content including the graphics may subject to change in the future. As always, I am running the game on the max settings so what you see is what you get. I actually ended up liking the graphics of the game in the end, at first I didn't find it all that appealing but after playing the game for awhile it started growing into me and I learned to appreciate the artwork.

Questing Around Town


Honestly I was a bit hesitant in trying out Asta because I have played way too much oriental games and didn't want to play another vanilla title. In the end, I was glad I decided to test it out because the Asta itself was pretty good. I had a lot of fun testing this game mainly because it had a lot of exotic looking monsters along with a very unique vibrant world. There was just something about Asta's theme that made me forget and not care about the gameplay. I'm really liking the art direction of where Asta is headed, I am definitely looking forward to the future tests of the game. Thanks to this game, I have taken an interest in the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese folklores and mythology. Would I recommended this game? Yeah, definitely it's very unique in its' own way. It's not like all those other asian oriental games with the same old boring theme. Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed my preview and see ya next time!

Developer: Polygon Games
Publisher: NHN Hangame Korea
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