Core Online Review

mainCore Online Open Beta kicked off sometime last month having no new MMORPG's to get into, I decided to see if this game was worth my time. The first Closed Beta Test for this game started around late October last year and I wasn't all that please with it. So I decided to give the game a second chance to see if it has improved over the past few months. Do you want to learn more about this game? Well then, you've come to the right spot as I have prepared the usual HD videos along with hands on first look impressions of Core Online.

Instance Dungeoning

Character Creation & Playable Classes

Core Online offers a detailed character creation at the expense of gender locked playable classes. The following playable characters are Male Defender, Female Guardian, Male Warrior, Female Healer, Male Blader, Female Witch, Male Berserker, and Female Magician. Seems like all of the melee classes are male, while all of the range and magic classes are females. Check out some of the character creation videos right below. Character customization shows off a lot of skin, kind of wished it previewed higher level armors and stuff.

Character Creation Female

Character Creation Male

Gameplay & Combat

Most people often asked me what the combat was like for Core Online. If you're looking for something unique, then you have crash landed on the wrong game because Core Online offers classical tab targeting and point & click gameplay. I probably don't need to go over the controls since it is the same when it comes to these type of games. I still think it would have been a lot more cooler if the game offered action combat. Not that I have anything against classical combat. I did enjoy testing a tab target n point and click game recently called Asta Online.

Beautiful Graphics

The skills aren't as flashy as some the other titles currently being released in South Korea. One of the things that probably bothered me the most about Core Online is the the animation fluidity. It just doesn't seem right, you may or may not notice it in my videos but it looks really funky.


Yeah, my sword is BIG.

The World & Maps

Core Online has big and small maps, I really liked exploring the bigger maps. There are fast travel pillars to teleport to certain areas faster and to travel in and out of the main city. Then there is a special button in your UI so that you can queue yourself into the massive PvP battleground area from anywhere. A very detailed and fancy map system, it helped me a lot in tracking down my quests, NPC's, and places where I needed to be.


Leveling Up & Questing

The game offers a lot of quests and repeatable quests for the crazy players. Leveling pace seemed really fast for me, didn't have any problems with that. The only trouble was I couldn't stick to playing this game for no longer than a couple of hours. Everything is simplified, I doubt anyone will get lost questing in this game just as long as you've got the MMORPG questing basics in your head. Basics ya'say!? You know like harvest "x" amount of stuff, kill "x" monsters, deliver something, and the usual quests that you find in most MMO's. It wasn't much of a problem for me but some people nowadays are really picky when it comes down to questing & grinding. The quest helper highlights monsters on the main map giving you a general direction on where you should be going. When you're near that monster they are highlighted bright green, so it is really impossible to miss, unless you are color blind.

Questing Gameplay

Massive Server Vs Server Vs Server & PvP

PvP is supposed to be Core Online's main theme but it really doesn't seem like it, at least for me. Players will be able to experience PvP through out all of their levels and such. Core Online offers Servers Vs Server Vs Server which is a crazy threesome action and no not in that way. SvSvS sessions were fun for awhile but it all came down to the most organized server and zerging. The one thing kept crossing my mind, is that if they are going to develop a PvP/RvR/SvS type of game, they should at least make it fun. Fun in what way? Like Multiple unique battleground maps or an alternate way of leveling up through BG's all day. It would be nice to level up through BG's only, kind of like Warhammer Online.

Low Level Massive PvP

Graphics & Weird Animations

For some reason this game isn't optimize well, at least for me. I was still experiencing the crappy missing frame animation that turned me off in the first CBT1. I am not sure if is noticeable in any of my videos, but this game isn't friendly with my rig. Other than that the game looks really good graphics wise. Unfortunately, nice looking graphics doesn't cut it out at least for me. I am actually the type of person that would rather play a cruddy looking game if it had awesome gameplay or unique features.

The Main City Tour


It is a shame that a beautiful looking game like Core Online doesn't really have anything exciting to offer. If you haven't caught up to what I am saying by now, I don't recommend trying out this title. Though I did provide a sufficient amount of gameplay videos, so if you like what you see, then perhaps you should check the game out in the future. I really wanted to play the game more but I just couldn't get into it. Perhaps I will take another look at it later on, but honestly I would rather spend my time testing other titles instead. A lot of people are currently playing the game because they are giving away tons of cool rewards like iPad4's, money, and awesome swags. I certainly hope I don't win one, then I would feel bad for writing such an honest review.

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Publisher: ENTWELL
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