Dragon Nest CBT1 Review


A hardcore gamers worst enemy would be the FTG system.  The FTG makes it so your character can grind a certain amount of dungeons in game.  Once your FTG bar hits 0 then you're just screwed, time to just sit in town and chat all day or roll another new character.  Every time you enter a dungeon or room you consume about 2-8 FTG's.  You have a start out with 100 stamina and 100 continues a day.  These may change in the future since having 100 continues is a bit over kill and 100 stamina is not that much.  A good way to earn money for the hosting company once the game goes live.  Replenish those continues and stamina with cash shop potions if they ever decide to nerf change any of it in the near future.

Boss Fight


I did not notice anything out of the ordinary while playing Dragon Nest online.  All the main characters voices fit very well for each class.  All the characters in town have their own opening voice intro when you talk to them.  Cut scenes and story line quests are voiced.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary sound quality wise when I played so they shouldn't need to work on this too much.

Archer Gameplay



There are only four playable characters in-game with very little character customization.  You can change your characters main outfit and hair color in CBT1.  Each customization options has around five different styles you can pick from.  Characters gender are restricted to their classes and will probably stay that way so don't bother asking!  The four playable characters are Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer, and Cleric.  A total of two males and two females.  Unfortunately I did not record any Cleric gameplay videos for I did not have the time.

More Dungeons


I felt that Dragon Nest was more of a mix of previous games I have played like Tartaros Online, Dungeon and Dragons Online,  Phantasy Star Universe, and more.   If you haven't played any of those two games then the game would probably feel "new" to you but to me it just felt like any other game I have tested.  Dragon Nest Online has a lot of potential and looks to be a very promising game when it comes out.  For the time being all we can do is wait for CBT2 and or Open Beta.  The game looks like it is close to finish but don't take my word for it most likely it will go to CBT2-3.  They restricted CBT1 in-game content so I couldn't progress far, even if I wanted too testers were limited with the amount of stamina and testing hours that we were provided with.  In the end Dragon Nest Online is a very fun game but I still fail to see some end game in it.  Let's hope they have something big in plan for it in the upcoming betas and near future.

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Game Score: 8.5

Developer: Eye Dentity Games
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: http://dragonnest.nexon.com/