Tera Online Review

terarvAfter reaching the max level cap, which is currently 50, early last week and spending most of my time indulging myself in end game content, the Tera Online Review is finally here. Many of you readers are probably wondering if Tera Online is worth your money. I hope to share some of my experiences with you, so be ready for an hour's worth of content reading and gameplay videos. Be one of the first to read about Tera Online!

A big spider.


Tera Online is a very user-friendly game. For instance, targeting monsters may look complicated but in fact it's really easy to pick up, especially for players who have only played point and click MMORPG's. It's pretty easy to level up and you will most likely never run out of quests. Tera Online can get very addicting due to it's new direction of combat and non-targeting system. The storyline missions can prove to be challenging on occasion but at the same time it isn't so hard to finish like the end game dungeon. Most of the monsters and areas that you will come across have their own unique feel. Having played a lot of titles, I've yet to stumble across similar monsters or areas in other games.


It's very easy to pick up Tera Online and learn it; the gameplay isn't that hard and it will be a nice change for those of you who are looking to get away from your average point and click MMORPG's. There are a lot of monsters to kill and you won't find yourself grinding or questing in the same area for more than two or three levels. But if you want to level up efficiently, it's essential you find a good grinding spot with a repeatable quest. All the keys, commands, menus, hot bars, and such can all be rebounded to a different key. If you don't like moving around with the default WASD then you can switch it around to something else. If you don't like normal attacking with your left mouse button, then you can easily bind it to different key in the options menu or just move the normal attack skill to a different skill bar slot. You will find that most of the monsters graphics aren't recycled much, so you won't get bored fighting the same monster over and over. Even when they are recycled their textures are so different that you won't notice that they are the same monster until you see their actions.

Westonia to Allemantheian.

If I had to compare the Tera's gameplay with other games, I would have to say it's a mixture of Continent of the Ninth and Mabinogi Heroes except you're in an open world. Your skill set is very limited compared to Continent of the Ninth skill spamming, while not so limited that you can just left button and right button all day like Mabinogi Heroes. The biggest misconception about Tera Online is that it has hit boxes. Unlike other action RPGs none of the bosses or monsters in Tera have special hit boxes where you can aim your cross hair at a certain enemies weak spot. As I mentioned above, Tera is very user friendly when it comes to aiming. All you have to do is just highlight your cross hair over the monster whether it will be a leg or hand and your attacks will land.

A tour around the 2nd city!

While aiming is easy, tanking in this game is whole different story. A lancers main job isn't just tanking when it comes to end game instances. The lancers instant hook skill can cancel a wide variety of a bosses special attacks. If you fail to cancel some of these moves then your party will end up in deep trouble! For example, one of the mini bosses in the level 50 instances can regen from 30% HP to 100% HP if you aren't able to stun hook the boss in time to cancel it's summon. Meaning you have a small window of 3-6 seconds depending if the monsters is raged, or what Koreans call angry mode. When these bosses are enraged they hit harder and attack way faster for a certain duration. Failing to guard or evade an enraged boss' special attack can result in tanks death. All of the bosses have this Enrage ability whether it is an outdoor field boss or an instance one.

Crazy looking boss!

Playable Races Classes

There is a huge amount of playable classes you can choose from, along with different kinds of races. The only drawback with a lot of races to pick from is the lack of body customization. While you can customize your characters face fully, you are unable to customize your characters height and properties. Sorry boys, no boob slider for you. However, it shouldn't be much concern to you or me. Why? Because you've already got a huge amount of playable races to pick from! I won't go into detail about this matter much, but if you're interested in seeing each race during it's character creation process then you can follow the link below and see my collection of recorded videos for each race.

Tera Online All Playable Races Character Creation Video

Some players may think playing specific race for a certain class may have huge benefits. There are some races that are suited for specific classes but they are not exactly ground breaking, which is why I chose to play an Elin Lancer. It's always fun to tank monsters that are three to ten times bigger than you. I also tried to customize her to look like my website mascot! Isn't she adorable? Anyway, if you're looking to tank monsters you would want to go with Lancer or Warrior. Lancers are actually preferred in the long run, at least until Warriors get buffed more. Either that or I haven't stumbled across any OP Warriors yet. The best damage dealers would have to be Sorcerer and Berserker, followed by Archer and Slayer. The best healer would have to be the Priest, but a Mystics wide variety of utilities can come very handy in party. Both support classes can heal very efficiently and either one of them is desired in late game instances.

Flying to Frontera.