Ragnarok Online 2 Legend Review


The gameplay for Ragnarok Online 2 Legend is pretty much what you see is what you get. The WASD keys are used to move your character around. If you want to bunny hop all over the place, you can spam your spacebar key. The tab key can be used to cylcle through the monsters, if you're a tab target type of person. I preferred clicking on the monsters and spamming my skills on the hot bar. Nothing really interesting or new, just your average typical cycle through your spells and skills until the monster is dead. I kind of wish they would bring back the stat point system, I loved pumping out a certain stat point. Heck, I would pump out Agi any day for some machine gun attack speed and crazy dodging action. Sadly, it wasn't available so I decided to reroll as a Magician. Ragnarok Online 2 is easy mode when it comes to gameplay, mechanics, and combat.

Newbie Instance Dungeon

In the end RO2's gameplay got a bit repetitive very fast for me, I couldn't stand playing the game for long periods of time. It just didn't have that same awesome feeling when you buy/receive a new game and play it for hours because of it's awesomeness. The game was very popular during the first few days, all of the channels were so full that they had to launch a second server. During the last day of CBT2 the servers looked a bit underpopulated. I fear that they fell off the same boat as me, that is when it came down to it's gameplay mechanics. I'm not sure if you will end up agree'ing with me or not, but that's why I provided you with over an hours worth of gameplay videos!

Level 15 Magician

Quests, Mission, and Grind

There seems to be an abundant amount of quests in Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second, so instead of grinding your way to max level, you can just do a bunch of quests! Normally I would have preferred to grind my way up in RO2 Legend, but grinding in this game seems to be very slow. Normal and mission quests are pretty straight forward and similar to your average generic MMORPG. These quests vary from harvesting or collecting items, killing monsters, getting item drops, kill miniboss, instance dugeon, and etc. Most of the quests tell you where to go and what to hunt so won't get lost much. The experience points earned from some of the of the quests didn't really scale up properly with your level, so it was a bit slow leveling. Your first six levels takes no longer than thirty minutes to get, after you reach level ten the games starts becoming a little bit grindy.

Gold Thief Bug Instance Quest

Some of the quests that require you to harvest or collect items that spawned at certain points had missing textures. So instead of collecting whatever you're supposed to collect, you'll be clicking on a very tiny blue place holder. It also would have been nice if they implemented some auto-running to quest area feature. I've ran across numerous bugs, but the most annoying one was the random crashes. Crashing during the first two days of CBT2 was serious business, since you had to fight your way back in!

Picking up quests!