Ragnarok Online 2 Legend Review

Life Skills

Out of the four playable professions, I thought it would be best to get into cooking since it sounded a like a very simple life skill for beginners and the outfit looks awesome. It wasn't that hard leveling up cooking, it's a good idea to often check your NPC trainer for upcoming recipes so that you don't accidentally throw away or NPC items that can be used to level up your life skills in the future. You're able to craft a bunch of items at once which was a big plus, as long as you have enough materials ready. After awhile, I decided to halt my cooking fever and grind my way to level 15 asap. I figured I could power level my cooking later by harvesting higher level monsters that I kill, that is if I decide to pursue my cooking career.

Cooking Stuff

Card System & Titles

Cards in RO2 are very common now, it's drop rate rarity is based on it's tier which are bronze, silver, and gold. Since you can no longer distribute stats in the game, gravity decided to introduce a new system. At certain levels you can unlock empty card slots in your stats page, here you can slot a random card that will give you stats. For example, if you were find a random gold card from a monster that gives +5 str. Then you will be able to equip it for bonus stats, or sell it to other players. The amount of empty card slots is based on your character level, so at level 10, another empty card slot is unlocked and so on. After the card is bounded into your your stat page, you can no longer extract it. You will be able to overwrite it at anytime, that is if you were to find a better card. The stats are based on the color of the card, so bronze would give less stats compared to a silver and gold one. If you happen accumulate five or six bronze cards of the same monster type, then you will have a chance to turn it into silver card using a scroll from the NPC. They also added a title system where you can do side quests and objectives, earning you equipable titles that give stat points.

Killing Fabres

Graphics And Sound

The graphics hmmm.... I don't even know where to start. Characters and monsters looked very nice and polished, but the world itself looked horrid. There are times when you will run across a very detailed and beautiful looking area, then there are times where some areas looked very bad. Character movement felt very sluggish and very jittery, walking up stairs is so broken, missing textures, obvious empty lines between tiles, characters from far away have slideshow looking movements, max graphics setting looked terrible, graphic customization is very limited, and the list goes on.

Trying out my Swordsman

The only thing that appealed to me in Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second is the cute and sexy looking character outfits for both male and female classes, emote icons, emotions, and PECOPECO. Users may not need a new computer to play this, though there were times when the game dropped under 20 fps for me, at least for a good couple of seconds. Other than that, it looks completely playable on older computers! BGM and SoundFX wasn't much of problem, only came across one area without BGM implemented in yet, a noticeable long silence between most of the BGM's before it loops. I think they reused most of what they had for the original version of RO2. Most of the NPC's weren't voiced yet, not sure if they are planning to add voices to all of the NPC's in the future. The story missions had a few 5-10 second story cutscenes that were voiced, but those scenes are way too short!

Thief in action~