Ragnarok Online 2 Legend Review

Mounts and Stuff

It's a good thing that there are no silly long quests that you must do to obtain a mount in RO2 Legend. After hitting level 15, I immediately returned to Prontera to look for the NPC where I can purchase my mount. Thankfully, the maps are marked very well, it didn't take me long to find the Peco Peco stables. I was given a choice between buying a tiger looking mount or the original peco mount. It's pretty darn obvious which one I was going to pick right? For a mere 10g, I immediately purchased my new mount and finally quit the game. The only thing that kept me going through the grind in the 2nd CBT earning my mount, I love Peco Peco's and I wanted to ride one badly. I only wished that they would give you the mount a little bit earlier, since there will be a bunch of quests that will require you to run all around Prontera.



With all the money gravity has, it makes me wonder why the game feels a bit low budget. Perhaps the remake was a bit rushed or maybe they were trying too hard to be unique. Gravity is hard at work with all the bugs that came up during the 2nd CBT, they seem to have open ears to what the community wants. I hope by the time the 3rd CBT starts, the game would have improved drastically. In my opinion, the 2nd CBT of Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second failed. It's way far from being complete, a lot of issues needs to be re-addressed and looked into. I felt like the game didn't have much of an appeal as a returning RO1 and RO2 player. At this point, RO2's situation is looking kind of grim, it doesn't look very worth it for a P2P game. Maybe if it was F2P with cash shop, it might just have a chance! Thank you for reading my Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second CBT 2 review, I hope to see you again next time! Gravity please do your best! Fighting~

Game Score: 6.5

Developer: Gravity
Publisher: Gravity / GNJoy Game Portal
Game Site: http://ro2.game.gnjoy.com/