Ragnarok Online 2 Legend Review

mainThe 2nd Closed Beta Test for Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second had just ended, leaving me very unsatisfied with its progress. This review is solely based on the 2nd CBT of Ragnarok Online Legend of the Second, therefore it may or may not reflect on the future and final releases of the game. With that being sad, I am very truly disappointed with the outcome of the new Ragnarok Online 2. I felt that this game still had a long way to go from completion. Come read the full review, story, and my experiences during the 2nd CBT of RO2 Legend of the Second below.

Questing as a Magician


If it's your first time here at Steparu.com, welcome and enjoy your stay! I was a huge fan of the previous version of Ragnarok Online, I had very high expectations for the new version of RO2. If you're still a bit confused, Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second is a remake of the previous RO2 title that flopped a couple of years ago. If you're a die hard Ragnarok Online fan that doesn't like changes, then you may hate this game already. Ragnarok Online 2 is completely different compared to the original version. Some of these changes are very drastic like no stat distribution system, good bye novice/super novice, different card system, and etc.

Yay Prontera!

Character Creation

You're able to customize your character as you see it fit, there are no fancy sliders available but you have a handful of options to work with. Character creation is pretty simple, you're pretty much clicking the right and left arrows until you see something you like. Picking colors could use some improvement, it's kind of annoying cycling through everything. You can only customize your characters face and head, so it's not looking good for users who want to play very tall or short looking characters. Sorry, bros no boob sliders either! Though I am bit used to it, since this is how it is in most generic MMORPG's. Choosing a class doesn't reset how your character looks, so feel free to shuffle around the playable classes to see which style fits your character the most. At a certain point In the future you will have to choose one of the two advance jobs for your starting class, keep that in mind before you finalize your character.

Character Creation Male

The latest RO2 introduces a new system called dual life system, in which you must pick a starting life skill profession. As of the moment there are four professions to choose from which are Alchemist, Blacksmith, Tailor, and Chef. After you have completed making your character you can switch to your life skill class outfits at anytime without having any penalties. You will probably see me wearing a chef outfit most of the time because it's so cute~

Character Creation Female