Blade & Soul Online Review CBT2

mainThe 2nd Closed Beta Test Review for Blade & Soul is finally online! Having played through out all the daily tests that occurred during the last week of CBT, I am here to share my whole experience. Of course, you'll have to keep in mind that this review highlights the 2nd Closed Beta only. Some of the information in this review may be irrelevant upon future releases. With that said, I hope you enjoy this super long Blade & Soul Online Review from your hardcore foreign gamer.

Kicking off the review with a Blast!


If this is your first time reading a review on, then I welcome you! Just like all my other reviews, I like to provide a ton of videos recorded with Fraps on maximum settings and 1080p quality. I will be playing as a female Jin Assassin in most of the videos in this review, so I hope you have enough time to watch and read all of the content below! GL HF Enjoy!

Flying and Ninja'ing Around

Character Customization / Playable Race & Class

The 2nd CBT limited users from customizing their own characters, so we had to deal with a limited amount of preset ones. NCSoft already announced that Blade & Soul will offer its own unique and complex character customization, so I am looking forward to that in the future. Jobs were also limited to certain races, hopefully this will also be lifted upon the games final release. I would love to play as a Lyn Assassin in the future or some other melee class.

2nd CBT Jin Character Creation.

2nd CBT Kun Character Creation.

There are currently six playable classes available in Blade & Soul which are Blade Master, Assassin, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, and Summoner. A lot of rumors going around saying that there might be a seventh unannounced job called Gunslinger, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

2nd CBT Lyn Character Creation.

2nd CBT Gon Character Creation.