Trinity 2 Final Test Review

Newbie Towns

The UI looked very clean and fits perfectly well with the games theme. Speaking of themes, this game has a lot of stuff going on. All of towns and dungeons have a really unique sci-fi futuristic blend to it. I was surprised with the wide variety of monsters that I encountered through out the all of the stages. Some of the monsters in T2's dungeons left me confused, huh what is this type of monster doing here!? You'll be fighting all kinds of monsters ranging from orcs, goblins, mechas, storm troopers, and etc. Put a bunch of movies and games in one box and you have Trinity 2.

Party Gameplay

I was getting a slight noticeable lag when partying with other players in this game, due to the fact that I am currently playing this game outside of Korea at the moment. That didn't stop me from playing with other players though, I found that partying was the most efficient way to finish my Master Mode quests. The only thing that bothered me when I was playing with other players was the fact that they kept interrupting my combos, so I ended up running into a corner and soloing my own monsters and stuff. I didn't have much of a problem questing and getting by in Trinity 2. The quests told me where I should go so I didn't get lost yet. More like is it even possible to get lost in a dungeon beat'em up crawler game?

Time Attack Master Dungeon Mode

I'd like to give Trinity 2 a higher score rating but I believe there are still some things that needs to be re-addressed in the final test. The forum users are complaining about the EN system, no block button, character moves slow, and etc. Though you probably won't notice the slow character movement speed because I am often dashing around the map! Trinity 2 has definitely caught my attention so I will most likely be jumping on this game once it hits Open beta. Things will probably change for the better or good once the game goes live, so you'll have to see it for yourself! Hope you enjoyed reading my review and see you next time on!

Game Score: 7.5

Developer: Studio Hon
Game Publisher: Neowiz Korea PMANG
Game Site: