Cabal 2 Online Review

mainCabal 2 Online kicked off early last week and I have spent most of my weekend trying out the game. I was actually going to skip out on reviewing this game but I changed my mind because a lot of people are curious about the second installment of Cabal Online. For those of you who are wondering if this game is worth trying out or not, then you've crash landed at right place as I have a lot of things to share about this game.

Playable Classes and Male Character Creation

Playable Classes & Character Creation

Cabal 2 Online has six playable classes which are Warrior, Wizard, Force Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, and Priest. Unfortunately, they are gender locked so players will be forced to play a Male or Female character depending on the type of class they want to play. Some of you may have already seen the character creation video, since I did an early sneak peek preview of it last week. A very simple character creation nothing too fancy lots of face tattoo's and random stuff though. Sliders here and there, if you're bored enough you can make a character really chunky or slim sexy.

Female Character Creation

Gameplay and Combat

One of the things I liked about Cabal 2 Online is the combo system. With precise timing you can increase your combo meter. However, it seemed like it did not do anything special other than personal satisfaction of seeing how much you can chain skills. Chaining attacks and combo skills can be a little tricky because you can't mash buttons like crazy and expect it to count as part of the chain. I suppose it's a lot harder for players like me who lives outside of South Korea.

Force Blader Questing

Cabal 2 Online does not have an auto attack feature mainly because of the combo system. If you want to auto attack, you will have to keep spamming the "1" key over and over which was not a big deal for me. The combo system was probably the only thing that kept me going in this game. If the videos weren't obvious enough, Cabal 2 is a Point & Click game. I've never played the original version, but I heard Cabal was all about the combo system, so perhaps players might be happy that a combo system is also available in part two!

I ran across numerous bugs during the Open Beta phase, as I game tester and reviewer I kind of felt like the game wasn't ready just yet. Some of the bugs weren't ground breaking but it was a bit annoying. I've gotten stuck on random places a lot. For example, in the video below I randomly got stuck inside a tree for no reason T_T. Then there was times where melee players could not use their skills after using an item in the hotbar. Which was one of the reasons why I rerolled to a Force Archer because of the random melee skill bug!

Archer Gameplay

& Getting Stuck on

a Tree

The World

Cabal 2 didn't really seem that big in fact the first two large maps I encountered seemed a bit linear. The world is not a seamless world, so you will have to teleport from one big area to another. One of the reasons I said it felt linear is because once you're done with one area, you're moving on to the next area kind of like from point A to point B. Once you get to the end of that certain area, there will be a new instance dungeon. For example, the level 1-10 area is just one big map and at the end of the maze there is a final instance. After you finished all your quests in that area, you must use the flight NPC in town to travel to the next area because you have reached the end of the map and it does not extend to the other maps.

Taking a Tour!

After you traveled to the new area, you will be presented with a new town and quests. Then you're back to where you started pick up quests and work your way from Point A to Point B, then another instance at the end again. It may not be a big deal for some players but it kind of stood out for me, so I decided to point it out.


Level 10+ Area

Leveling Up and Questing

The current Open Beta cap was level 30 and the game felt really grindy mainly because of the quests and the amount of HP monsters have. Low level progression in this game is very slow compared to other games, don't expect to jump up to level 10 during your first few hours in the game. Monsters have high HP because if it dies too fast you won't get to play with the combo feature.

Newbie Experience

Quests are the same as your average MMORPG kill "x" amount of stuff and collect "x" amount of items with an occasional unique quest. I really hated the fact that whenever I finished all of my quests around certain levels, I had to grind the remaining level. It wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't take an hour or two to grind the rest of the level out. A little tip, if you do decide to play this game you must not skip out of quests or you will be grinding for more than an hour! I think it would have been neat if they added some kind of repeatable quests.

Party Questing

I'd like to think that Cabal 2 is a pretty hardcore game, if you're not the type of person that can handle a grind then you should probably pass this game up. Anyway, the hardcore players already reached the maximum level cap in like three to four days so the grind may not be that bad if you pull the usual 24 hour grinding sessions. Another tip while leveling up, is to just randomly invite anyone near you who are killing your quest mobs, this makes leveling up a lot more efficient because the quests share with the party.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics was really weird for a game that is running on CryEngine3. Sometimes the graphics looked really nice then there are times it looked really out of place or cartoonish which I found really awkward at times. The first thing that people will probably complain about this game is the graphics because it is running on CryEngine3 and everyone just expects some crazy delicious eye candy looking graphics in this time of the year. The textures were so bland and it felt like a lot of the shadows and shaders didn't make sense. I often double checked my graphics setting to make sure that I had everything on max. It seems like this is as good as it gets the only thing that looked CryEngine3 quality was the water textures. Perhaps it was the day and night feature that made the graphics all funky? The day and night feature was kind of awkward because it felt like someone turned on the lights on and off due to the lack of transitions.

Instance Dungeoning

The BGM was fine didn't have much problems with it, though I had couple of problems with the SoundFX of the game. There are times where it would cut out after a cutscene or after completing a random quest the SoundFX completely disappeared which was obviously a bug.


In the end, I came to a conclusion that Cabal 2 Online was decent enough, I have played a lot of KR games similar to this so it wasn't all that appealing to me. The numerous bugs also didn't help, every time I ran across one, it made me feel like I just want to get the game over with. I tried my best to level up but I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to call it quits after I reached the new area. The combo system was a big plus, I really enjoyed playing around with it. The game is currently free to play and in Open Beta test, so anyone can play right now just as long as they have an account. The servers have been going down a lot lately because the developers are working hard on improving and squishing the random bugs. I'm at least relieved that they are trying their best to improve it, perhaps it would have been better if they did more CBT's and had more user feed back surveys. I would actually recommend this game if you guys want to try out a fun style combo system for Point & Click games, the combat and skills are really flashy. I wish there was more positive things to say about the game but this is the harsh truth. Hope you enjoyed reading my review of Cabal 2 Online and see you next time in my online gaming adventures!

Game Score: 6.0

Developer: ESTsoft
Publisher: ESTsoft
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