Red Blood Online Review

mainThe second Closed Beta Test for Red Blood Online had just ended yesterday and I honestly thought that this game would have improved by now. Feeling bummed out about the beta and my thoughts going off in a totally wrong direction, I decided to sleep on it. Now here I am, feeling almost exactly the same as I felt about this game yesterday. I suppose there is no point of delaying the inevitable. With that said, it is time for my weekly gaming review featuring Red Blood Online Closed Beta Test. Now please keep in mind that this game is currently in beta so things will most likely change in the future, well I hope it does... I seriously hope it does.

Hot Green Ranger Pants

Playable Characters & Customization

For an MMORPG Red Blood Online is lacking a lot of options in terms of classes, style, and customization. All of the classes are also gender locked which can be a big turn off for players who often prefer playing a specific gender. The latest Closed Beta Test added new playable male character who wields a Sword and Gun, I think I have taken a liking to him. He kind of reminds me of Dante from Devil May Cry series, except a lot less flashy and doesn't look as cool. Perhaps he will get cool looking skills and outfits in the future.

Character Customization

Gameplay Action MMORPG

The only thing that is holding Red Blood together is the non targeting action gameplay it has to offer. It's not exactly perfect or better than the other Asian alternatives such as Vindictus, Kritika, Tera Online, and other titles I may have forgotten. Worst action would have to be along the lines of Last Online or something. Red Blood has a little actiony feel to it even though most of the skills aren't flashy at all, especially during the lower and mid levels of the game. The controls lean towards more Vindictus in terms of controlling and maneuvering mainly because the Left Click Mouse Button is used for normal attacks and the Right Click Mouse Button is used for "Smash attacks" also known as power attacks. There are different combinations for every character. Some characters are able to perform longer chain combos such as 4x Left Mouse Button followed by 3x Right Mouse Button, or 2x LMB followed by 2x RMB for an alternate combo. Depending on the class you're playing you will be given a dodge or block button that somewhat works.

Wasp Boss Hacking Me

While Red Blood Online offers action combat the one thing that confuses me the most is my characters dodge button that seems to be broken. Even if it wasn't broken, I didn't really find myself using it much because Red Blood is all about AoE grinding! Gathering all the monsters into one area, performing a string of combos, chugging stamina + hp potion while tanking or kiting, perform another string of combos and voila everything is dead! Honestly, AoE grinding doesn't bother me as much. It's just I am confused by the whole concept of action MMORPG. Seems like the developers of Red Blood slapped on a bunch of MMORPG's together which can be good and bad at the same time.

AoE Grind Online

Questing & Leveling

Leveling in Red Blood Online is super fast though it will most likely feel slow because about 80% of the quests in the game will require you to kill at least 10-30 monsters at once. Oh not only that, after you have finished killing 30/30 monsters you will realize that there is another 0/10 kill quest right below it. Which will have you saying "Seriously?!" Yes, it is intentional because you are supposed to AoE kill monsters in this game. You'll have to be out of your mind to kill monsters one by one, think about it, kill 30 monsters!? That's like a total waste of time unless you're watching TV or something. Anyway, like I said leveling is fast so I actually put up with the AoE grinding and it was really fun... for awhile. Until I hit level 45 and realized that I have been doing the exact same thing as I did when I first started the game, which is AoE grinding. I decided to call it quits because I am no big fan of hardcore'ing Closed Beta Tests unless I really like the game. Do I like this game? Go figure!

Killing Super SIZED Racoons

Red Blood Online has a wide variety of skills for players to choose from, making each character unique. I have posted my skill build below for those of you who interested in leveling up faster in the next beta or OBT. This build focuses the offensive tree that consists of mainly passive skills and buffs that increase your attack power. One of the main reasons why I focused on buffs and passives is because the active skills aren't balanced enough. You also can't use skills during combos which is kind of bad. For example, I can't use active offensive skills in my hot bar when I am performing certain combos such as 4x Left Clicks or 2x Left Click followed by 2x Right Click. So instead of learning active skills, I learned passive skills. Then there are certain skills in your tree that can extend or increase damage to your Right Click Combos. It may sound confusing after first, but once you have watched my grinding videos, you'll probably get the general idea. There is also a huge non lag delay for activating skills, so yeah I would rather just spam combos than using active skills to level up faster. Heck, even AoE'ing with my normal left click attack was faster.

skillMy Skill Build

Graphics & Sound

Red Bloods graphics is passable, it could have been worst like those other titles that I have tested and uninstalled instantly. Maybe it is just me but most of the characters and NPC's looked like they were half lings or something? The thing that annoyed me the most during this beta was the running animation of certain classes, mainly the female magician. I still can't believe they haven't changed it yet. I've posted a short mini newbie town tour video below so that you can get a general idea of what I am talking about. Maybe it is the body proportions that's making it look awkward? Perhaps I am just going crazy from playing way too many games 24/7? Heck, I really don't know. Partly one of the main reasons why I decided to sleep first before writing this review. Sound was kind of bad, I can hear people slashing monsters from like a mile away which is totally not necessary. BGM was kind of boring that I don't even realize it's there most of the time, perhaps I shall full blast it next beta. Lastly, the game kept exploding every time I tabbed out to the desktop. If it didn't crash, it froze my whole computer which was really annoying because I had to perform a hard reset because ctrl+shift+esc wouldn't work.

Newbie Town Tour and Awkward Female Running Animation

Extra Features

The game has a really cool Pokemon feature where you can catch any monster you want and make it your pet. All you have to do is buy a catching net from an NPC get the mob low and enough and use the net. After you have successfully caught the monster, you will have to bring it back to the Pokemon trainer and make it officialy yours! Pets are very handy to have around because they will pick up items for you, which is very useful when you're AoE grinding.

Red Blood Online also implements a similar Crystal System like Tera Online where players can socket their equipment with crystals. Though it is a little bit different because players need to interact with certain special NPC's to socket their equipment for them. Which can be troublesome for players who want to switch crystals on the go. Seriously though, I didn't socket any of my equipment until the late level 40's which is why you see a crap load of crystals in my inventory.

crystalAdding a Crystal to my Weapon


Thankfully this game is still in Closed Beta Test because Red Blood Online seems like it is far from perfect or finish. I really wish I could say awesome things about this game but the truth is Red Blood had a lot of bugs and didn't have anything note worthy to say. At least it's a little bit better than Cabal 2 Online or maybe they are on the same level. Would I recommend playing Red Blood? Yes, try it out! The non targeting action gameplay is pretty fun! BUT I suggest waiting for Open Beta or the super final tests of the game because if you try it out now, you're going to be tainted with the "I will never return to this game feeling." As for me, I will definitely try it out again in the future not because it is my job, but because I enjoy action games and I am very forgivable person despite the fact I like to write about the harsh truth in games. I hope my review was amusing enough for you to come back again and see you next time on adventures!

Developer: Gorilla Banana
Game Publisher : BIG SPOON
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