Moonlight Blade 3rd Beta Review in Progress Part 1

moonlightmainMoonlight Blade is one of the more anticipated upcoming beautiful Wuxia themed Action MMORPG published by Tencent in China. I have been playing and enjoying this game for about a week and a half now and finally decided to share my experiences to my viewers and readers out there. Special Thanks goes out to my ninja friend for getting me a beta key and carrying me through missions as I don't understand a word of Chinese!

Character Creation - Looks good to me!

The 3rd CBT had five playable characters to choose from with more to come once the game is released. I couldn't play with the advanced customization during this phase of the beta because it was disabled which ended up in a clone fest. From what I heard, the advanced customization feature will be as equally good as Black Deserts customization.

Gameplay Combat and Controls - Targeting All Gamers

Most MMORPG players nowadays often prefer Action non-targeting combat or very fast-paced twitch reaction style gameplay. Which brings the question of what kind of combat does this game have to offer? Moonlight Blade has three kinds of play style for players to choose from. The first form of combat is the classical traditional point and click or tab style targeting. The 2nd playable control setting is some 2.5D mode that I have yet to try out. Saving the best for last, Moonlight Blade also offers an action non-targeting oriented mode which I enabled instantly right after logging in. Honestly, I am not sure if it's my connection lag or not, but the combat doesn't feel very fluid. I am averaging 200-400 ping playing from the US. 

Graphics and World - Awesome

If I had to pick one feature from Moonlight Blade that I love then it would definitely be the spectacular beautiful looking world and environment it has to offer, it is almost equally on par with Bless Online. Real time day and night system is always a big plus for me. Moonlight Blade also features various weather such as rain and fog. Textures from the player clothing becomes wet when heavy rain starts to pour in, the trees show signs of life as it reacts to the winds, various plants and more! Most unfortunate that the game currently does not offer an open seamless world like ArcheAge, Black Desert, etc. I'm really curious to see what the game will be like when they unlock Super Ultra graphics setting in the future. The draw distance in this game is crazy good! Now only if they brush up on the combat, this might be my new favorite eastern game.

Questing and Leveling Up - Easy or Hard?

With such a beautiful looking world discovering hidden quests in this game is worthwhile. The leveling pace is fairly steady and the game is completely playable. Even if you don't understand Chinese because of the auto run features for the mainstory quests only. On the other hand, the hidden quests are a bit tricky because some quests can only be done during the night or day. You also have daily quests that are worth completing that foreigners might find a bit difficult to finish without reading Chinese. Thankfully, my friend translated the difficult quests for me.

At some point after completing the mainstory quests, the game forces players to reach a certain level until they can continue their story missions. So when you're out of quests, what will you do? Grind, heck no? Not in this game. There are numerous ways to earn exp in this game such as daily missions, hidden quests, escort, PvP, daily meditating AFK'ing, instances, boss battles, field bosses, stealing players cargo, 1v1 challenges, etc. I can go on forever, but as you can see there are a ton of things to do in this game which is nice. The questing system in Moonlight Blade is a very nice break from the traditional pick up five to ten quests in town and kill stuff. The mainstory on the other hand is pretty much straightforward, so don't expect a lot of variety in it other than kill stuff.


Skill System and Masteries - Is it complicated?

The quests in this game doesn't just reward base EXP alone. Moonlight Blade also features a glyph or masteries system where players can equip glyphs obtained from their adventures and equip it on their mastery page shown below. As you can see, I have yet to unlock a lot more masteries and hidden stuff. Some masteries or glyph skills can only be obtained from hidden 1v1 NPC quests, so have fun exploring. As I previously stated, the game has a lot of hidden content!


Cosmetics - How it Works!

I love being fashionably fabulous in all of my MMORPG adventures and I'm digging the fashion system works in this game. Players can convert most of their equipment into fashion equips. For example, if you picked up a really cool black ninja outfit and the stats aren't that great for someone who is high level. You can then bring up your inventory and click on the desynth button to add it to your collection. Be very careful though, once you've converted an item into fashion gear, you will no longer gain benefits of that item. Instead, you can equip it over your current gear as fashion style! Players will be able to mix and match outfits in their wardrobe collection anywhere and wherever they want. Break down all your used gear and add it to your wardrobe collection instead of selling it off to NPC's. Who knows, you might need to mix and match some clothing pieces later on.


Monster Variation - Is there any?

Moonlight Blade is strictly sticking with the whole Wuxia theme which means most of the monsters or enemies in the game are Humanoids. I don't think I have ever sliced down any big beasts or animals in this game! I don't mind it as much, but players who likes games with demons, undead, or big dragons might get bored easily. Perhaps they might add some more variation in the future, who knows!


Conclusion - Keep Playing!

I have been playing the game daily and pretty much satisfied with the game, though it could use a little bit more work, mainly combat and random bugs. I hope they add more NPC's in the larger cities of the game just like Black Desert. Honestly, I find it very difficult to find another eastern or oriental themed game like Blade & Soul that I can enjoy, but this game is equally cool. The qinggong or flight/glide system is nice, but also buggy or laggy. The game is still in the 3rd CBT, so there is a lot of room for improvement and there are rumors of underwater combat which sounds exciting. The beta will last up to four months long so I will be playing this game every now and then. Thanks for reading part one of my review and see you in the next one!

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