Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO Closed Beta Review


It's oriental season in the Far East and I am back with another Wuxia themed Action MMORPG titled Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero from Perfect World. This title is well-known for its popular fast-paced action combat system. Having watched the trailers in the past, I was excited to try the game out for the first time. Please keep in mind that this review reflects Closed Beta content and may improve upon release.


Character Creation

I suppose it wouldn't be much of a Steparu style review without some form of character customization features video, right? The game didn't offer any advanced customization during this beta phase. Not much hair colors to choose from, though I saw hair dyes in the cash shop system. At most players will probably spend a good ten minutes with customizing a character to their liking.


The World and Features - Open? Seamless? Instanced? 

I have recently tested a lot of high quality titles this year and I must admit that I have been spoiled by some of them. I always enjoyed exploring beautiful looking worlds during my MMORPG adventures, especially the ones that offers a vast seamless world. Unfortunately, my dreams were shattered with this one, after discovering that this isn't an open "seamless" MMORPG. Maps range from small to medium sized areas and nothing extremely large. The game uses a channel system for PvE and PvP, so if you're looking for a quick kill, switch to the PvP channel. I actually recorded a short run through on some of the areas below while fiddling with the camera depth view settings.

Gameplay and Combat - Action Packed, Follow Up, and Combo System

Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero has a couple control schemes. The first one is the default Action MMORPG settings where attacks are executed in the direction the camera is facing. The second is the ZERO Action MMORPG mode where attacks go off in the direction you choose by using the W, A, S, D keys and the skill or normal attack. In short, attack in the direction where your character is facing. If you want to attack behind you, then you would need to press the "S key" and follow it up with a skill or Left Mouse Button for a normal attack. If an enemy suddenly appears to your right, then you would press the "D key" to make your character face to the right followed by an attack. There is another control setting, but that's not important so I will skip it.

What differentiates this game from other Action MMORPG's?  The combo and follow up system prevents players from becoming smash all buttons and normal attacks all day. Combat here is much more interesting compared to Netease's Dragon Sword Action MMORPG. Don't expect a lot of motion fluidity with this hyper action MMORPG because the frames are all over the place. As you progress through the higher levels of the game, you will unlock two separate paths to your skills. For example, if you have a skill equipped on the 1 key. Pressing that once will activate that skill which can then be followed up by pressing the "Q key" to execute a skill or press the "E key" instead to execute an alternate follow up skill.


Now let me walk you through the normal attack system, ideally most players will often mindlessly spam the (LMB) Left Mouse Button which is defaulted to the normal attacks. By pressing LMBx5 my character can execute a five set of normal attack combo. My class can also execute a different set of combos by pressing LMBx2 wait half a second for a glyph to appear on top of my characters head and with the right timing press LMBx3. If performed correctly, my character will execute a different combo as one would normally see from spamming LMB all day like a zombie. I've displayed this system in the video below!


Questing and Leveling Up - What is it like?

Cutting straight to the point, the questing system in this game is pretty bland and linear, but that is to be expected from a semi instanced based MMORPG. Pick up a bunch of quests in town or an outpost and enter a dungeon solo or with a party, rinse and repeat. Thankfully, not all of the quests are instanced based. There are some quests that will have you killing random mobs on the field. Honestly, nothing special during my first 25 levels of the game. The one noticeable thing that bothered me during my adventures was that this game made me hunt a bunch of Animals over and over again with an occasional humanoid mob. Wouldn't have mind, but I had to hunt down three to four different kinds of reskinned dogs, panthers, bears, wolves, and more random dogs again. PETA ain't going to like this hunting simulator game.


Targeted Audience - Is this game for you?

With so many oriental games being released in both the East and West, you're probably wondering if this game worth trying out? You may find this game to your liking if you enjoyed titles such as Dragon Nest, Kritika, Vindictus, PSO2, and Continent of the Ninth. Combat leans towards more to an enhanced version of Kritika Online due to the combo system and multiple paths for each skill and awesome air juggles later. Do you enjoy playing oriental themed games? Unless you're tired of that theme, then you're probably going to want to skip this game. If you're able, I suggest giving the game a try! The gameplay and combat controls is pretty fun and more than makes up for the inconsistent graphics. It's not as spectacular as Moonlight Blade graphics wise, but my current vote goes to Condor Zero for combat, at least for now.


Conclusion - HMMMM.... 

I usually like being thorough titles I test, but I can't seem to get into this game as much as I would have thought. Going to give the game a few more tries just so I don't waste the beta invite that was given to me. The game is still in Closed Beta so there is a lot of room for improvement! Who knows, maybe I will enjoy this title the next time around. Games evolve, opinions change, nothing is set in stone. I hope you enjoyed my first impressions and see ya in the next game!

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