Bless Online Gameplay and Playable Jobs of the 2nd Closed Beta


Bless Online Closed Beta is back and the new tutorial lets players try out a level 36 character early on the game to see if it suits their play style. I decided to make a video and write a small review or preview of the playable characters below so check em out! I was zombie migraine mode while recording and encoding so the video volume might be loud.

One of the nice features of Bless Online that players might enjoy is that the playable classes aren't gender locked. However, some classes are only available for certain races. Just like the previous beta, the customization feature was also disabled during the 2nd Closed Beta. After selecting a faction of your choice, you will no longer be able to create a second character from the opposing faction, unless you delete all of your characters in your main faction.

The Berserker was the only non-targeting and action combat class during the 2nd Closed Beta. I was able to execute normal attacks by pressing the 1 key or the left mouse button and use the Ground Axe slam with the 2 key or the right mouse button. The Berserker had a lot of mobility for a heavy armor character which seemed a little weird. I was able to strafe and swing around my axe easily. Skills no longer use up "Rage" in this beta. Instead, they accumulate "Rage" points per skill used. Once the Rage bar is full, the player can enable Berserker mode by pressing the R key. The dodge meter seems to regen slow and is located between the HP and Rage meter. The Berserker can only dodge forward or towards the direction the camera is facing.

I had some fun with the Archer mainly because you can run and gun with the assisted auto-attacks. My character automatically selects a target in front of him and stayed on locked on that target, unless another target in front of me appears. At level 36, the Archer had two escape skills, the first one is the Shift key skill which makes him dodge backwards. The 2nd one is a shoot and backflip skill with a lengthy cooldown which was defaulted to my 7 key. The AoE bind is a very nice skill and helped a lot when executing the two AoE skills he had during the tutorial. As an Archer, I found myself kiting and jumping around a lot. The kiting part is more reasonable. However, the jumping part is just me being me when it comes down to MMORPG's and kiting jobs. The dodge bar is also located in between the HP and Green Meter. Arrow shower is a very fancy channeling skill that requires the player to cast a spell on the floor where they want it to rain arrows. Other than that, you can't run and gun forever since most of the higher DPS skills required your character to stand in place, hold the key down and release when the gauge is full.

I smited down a lot of monsters as a Priest during the previous test so I didn't really get into it as much during this beta. The Priest can take reduced damage by pressing the Block/Heal skill which is also the Shift key. During this stance, they are able to regen HP over time. The combat and targeting seems to remind of me of Blade & Soul with some FFXIV features. AoE skills doesn't require any targets and can be spammed anytime, though the damage isn't that great and is not recommended against bosses unless all of the Priest skills are on a cooldown. The Priest is a hybrid melee and magic type of character so you'll end up attacking with both holy spells and meleeing stuff with the mace.

The Warrior was very tanky and I was able to take every hit without a care. By consuming stamina, they are able to Block attacks using the Shift key and to make it even more OP, blocking attacks isn't limited to targets in front of the Warrior. Instead, they are able to block attacks from all directions during shield stance! The Warrior has a lot of single target skills that focuses on a combo system. For example, players can press the same skill more than once to activate a series of combos for that skill. The Warrior was my least favorite class out of all the playable ones in this beta.

The assisted targeting system seems to have improved a little in this beta, but there is a slight lag to it. Maybe because I am playing outside of South Korea. By default, all of the classes use an assisted targeting system where it will automatically target the enemy in front. They can also alternately target monsters by using the mouse or manually use the tab key to cycle through monsters. I had a huge migraine while testing Bless so I didn't really get around to starting my adventures yet. I'm not sure if I will end up doing a proper review this time around because most of my time is focused on another game this week. I hope this clears up the combat and targeting questions that I am often asked. Updated It seems like they changed the names of some of the classes in the 2nd beta!

Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio
Publisher: Neowiz | Pmang Gaming Hub
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