ArcheAge Online Review

mainThe ArcheAge Online Review that you all have been waiting for is finally here! ArcheAge didn't look that interesting to me at first, but since I was given a chance to try the 3rd CBT. I decided give it a shot and see what foreign gamers are so hyped up about. Little did I know, I was hooked on to this game due to it's crazy amazing graphics, sandbox features, and unique job system. The servers were only available during certain hours, I found myself playing at 9:00pm right when the servers go up, and staying up all night until 10:00am. The 3rd CBT ArcheAge Online recently ended, and I've recorded about twenty hours or more worth of gameplay videos just for you guys. If you would like to skip out on my awesome review and just watch a bunch of gameplay videos then check out the SteparuTV Channel, otherwise read on for ArcheAge's first in-depth review.

ArcheAge Online Scenic Tour


I've actually enjoyed playing ArcheAge Online but this game may not be for you, especially if you were to play it alone not understand a word of Korean. A lot of MMORPG's are constantly being released every year, people often tend to look the other way everytime a new title has been released. Users are scared that they might end up playing another generic MMORPG. ArcheAge's world is created by players and also destroyed by it's users. You can plant your own beautiful garden in front of your house only to find it not there anymore the next day. ArcheAge is a game for everyone hardcore, casual, troll, and newbie players. Troll? Yeah, there are so many ways I can think of trolling other players in this game already. ArcheAge is game that is focused mostly on it's community and making your own world. There really isn't another MMORPG I can compare ArcheAge to, but if I had to compare it to any other game. The best I thing I can think of is Mine Craft + Harvest Moon + Mabinogi Online all in one.

Cutscene Preview

Character Customization

The 3rd CBT character customization proved to be rather disappointing for many reasons. Users weren't really given much customization in fact, you can only customize how your characters face looked like. To make things worst, you were only given three sets of faces, mouths, eyes, face tattoos and etc. So you're pretty much bound to run into your own clone every now and then during the 3rd CBT. I wasn't to pleased with all of the characters faces either, none of them looked unique and etc. Hopefully there will be more choices when the game is fully released. Or else no matter how much I love this game, I would stay away from it if I kept running into my clones.

Ferre Race Large City

Playable Classes

Choosing your class is pretty interesting in ArcheAge Online, well there really isn't a class system since you have to pick between three different types of abilities which then determines what kind of class you will have. You can even create your own unique class! There are a total of ten different abilities, your stats will be dependant on the three out of ten abilities you pick. The ten abilities are Illusion, Fight, Adamant, Will, Death, Wild, Magic, Vocation, Romance, and Love. If you have trouble deciding on your character composition, then you can go with the premade ones. For example, a default premade warrior would have selected Fight, Adamant, and Will. The default build would have around 6 physical attack to start with, but if you want to customize your own warrior it can start off with better stats but your skill set may or may not be as awesome. Each ability has a it's own set of skills, but it's not in a form of a tree. So once you are higher level, it's very advisable to skill reset and learn the higher tier skills while skipping the older ones. Keep in mind that you can't max all of the skills, so it's best that you pick your skills carefully. ArcheAge isn't as harsh with skills as other games, in fact you can skill reset anytime and anywhere as long as you have the money for it. Not only that, you will be able to swap out abilities once you are higher level.

A mixture of Mage, Warrior, and Thief.

Once you've created your own custom class, you can get started on those quests. I suggest that you do a bunch of quests first and get to at least level 15 before you start working on your life skills. It's a good idea to create multiple mules at the beginning of the game. Why? Because of the stamina system for life skills. There is a limit on how much you can harvest, mine, dig, build, and etc. Having multiple mules will help you farm materials faster especially if you want to make your house and ship early. There are multiple life skill jobs like Smithing, Miner, Leather, Cloth, Woodworking, Harvester, and etc. I didn't really pay attention much into those since I was too busy making houses and boats! There are a lot of things you can craft in the game obviously, like furniture for your house, equipment for you to wear, and almost everything in the game.

Wraiths and Death Knights.