The War of Genesis 4 Online First Impressions Review


The War of Genesis 4 - Spiral Genesis was one of the most promising titles during its early announcement debut back in 2012. Unfortunately, the game has gone into a crazy hiatus development phase and was delayed indefinitely until he 1st CBT which took place earlier this month. Have you ever wondered what the current state of the game is? Check out my short first impressions review below!

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Tree of Savior Review of the 2nd Closed Beta


I've come back from the living dead from gaming too much with the 2nd Tree of Savior Online Closed Beta Review! A good amount of my followers have often asked me about the specific release date for the English version of this game. Honestly, I don't have a clue! However, the game is well headed on its way for the first 1st International Closed Beta in the months to come unless delayed.

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Nexon Upcoming Games to Test 2015 Previews and Reviews


Nexon Korea released an English version of their Investor Presentation 2014 which shows a lot of statistics involving revenue, sales, future plans, upcoming games this year, shareholder values, annual losses, and more. The information may not be relevant towards gamers, but it is amusing looking at all the numbers and the list of upcoming games!

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Black Desert Online PvP and GvG Review


I've been thoroughly playing Black Desert Online for a good two months now, which should explain the lack of articles on my website lately. Most of the end game features lead back to guild related or the pvp content because it doesn't really have any major PvE activities like raids or dungeons yet, other than various life skills and summoned weekly and daily bosses. New GvG and PvP videos added for fun :3.

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Tree of Savior Online Closed Beta Review in Progress Part 3 Finale


The first Tree of Savior Closed Beta had just ended a few days ago leaving me hungry for more! Welcome to the 3rd and a final part of my Tree of Savior Closed Beta Review. Are you ready to learn more about the game? I am hoping that my reviews and videos will satisfy your current ToS thirst for the time being. At least until the international test begins. Just a fair warning that most of the content is CBT material and may change in the future for better or worst.

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