Spike Girls Online Review

spikemainSpike Girls Online who would've thought this Loli and Nee-chan game would be so popular.  Spike Girls is a lot of fun for an online sports type of game.  I am not usually the type to get into sports games but this one has really got me addicted all week.  Playing this game for the first time gave me a slight nostalgic feeling of playing Pangya online for the first time.  Get ready for a one long review of Spike Girls Online!! Fighting! (peace-sign)!

PV 01

PV 02

I actually preferred playing 2vs2 games rather than 3vs3 in Spike Girls but mostly all of the games are 3v3.  I've met a couple English speaking Koreans some of them are very nice.  I took a couple screen shots with some of them below one of them however was being very mean to me spamming me and stuff lol.  That crazy Yuna model action girl but the rest of the people I meet in game are pretty nice to me and very welcoming to foreigners.


Talking on cell phone!

Hanging out in Lobby!

You may be wondering how the game plays if you haven't seen any of the videos yet but it is relatively pretty simple and easy. Think of Volleyball and Tennis put together but instead of using a Tennis Racket and Hands you use your feet.  The ball can bounce once on the floor or you can hit/pass it right off the bat.  If the ball bounces twice, you hit the ball twice, ball hits out of bounce, or hits the net then you lose a point.

Gameplay Match!

I know the gameplay may sound a little boring but that's when skills come into play as you get higher level you can unlock certain skills that makes your character much more powerful.  For example you can do back flip kicks which I thought was pretty fancy and fast/slow short net shots that hits the ball barely over the net.  There is also a level 15 skill that gives you special stat boost and speed which my friend Miyuri calls Gundam Seed Mode.


Skill Shop

The game has a lot of stores to buy clothes from like accessory shop, coupon shop(random grab bag), set clothing shop, and a random shop. The stores in Spike Girls are different compared to any other game you have played.  The items sold in some stores change every five minutes.  So you will have to constantly check out the store if you are looking to buy something special or to simply just collect your whole set each server has a different shops o check all of them.  It is unique and new but it may get a bit annoying for others who have a stock pile of money and want to just buy everything!  My favorite is the Coupon Shop though it ate well over 1,000,000Rings of my money just because I want to get the rare outfits.

Coupon Shop is very addicting!


Shopping for Clothes!