Hyper Universe Online Review a 2D Action MOBA


Hyper Universe Online is an upcoming 2D MOBA that lets players focus on a "jungle farming" play style as crazy characters! I had a lot of fun in the last two previous beta tests that I decided to try the game out once again during the final test. Come check out what this game is all about in my latest Hyper Universe Online review below.

Gameplay - The Controls!

You're probably wondering about the control scheme for this game given it's a 2D MOBA. Everything is controlled with the keyboard in terms of gameplay, upgrading items, using skills, and well I just said everything. The only time a player would be using their mouse is if they want to ping something on the minimap, which is rather inconvenient. Hopefully, the game will have some hotkeys later that will ping your character to let your team members know that you want to gank their lane or simply fall back after a team fight.

Game Modes - What's the Objective?

Hyper Universe currently only offers one gameplay mode which is pretty much like any other MOBA out there. Destroy the enemy towers and push into the enemy base. You're probably like... What?! Not another one of these games! So what makes this game any different? Hmmm, I suppose the game being 2D like Awesomenauts is one thing. The control schemes is also decent and works very well with the theme of the game. The maps in the game feels rather small in a good way since there is a lot of action and ganking going on. It's one of those games where you can get ganked really early in the game. Lastly, the game heavily relies on players to kill a lot of monsters in the jungle during the early and late phases of the game, especially if they want to win. Hyper Universe currently offers two 4v4 maps. The space map has two horizontal lanes with towers in them while the Jungle map only has one lane with towers. The rest of the lane is for players to go jungle crazy! The minimap is placed in a perfect spot located at the bottom of the screen because you're going to need some crazy map awareness. Lastly, the game doesn't have any PvE content just yet, unless Jungling counts as PvE...?

Playable Characters - Are There Different Roles?

For a 4v4 game Hyper Universe has a ton of playable roles ranging from Tanker, Supporter, Technician, Stalker, Striker, and Bruiser. All of the characters can jungle in this game since your HP Regens when you're out of combat. However, there are certain roles that can jungle a lot better than others while other characters perform a lot better on lanes with a tower like Olga in the video below.

Items and Upgrades - Don't Stress!

Unexperienced MOBA players often skip out on trying the genre due to the massive amount of items they have to memorize or purchase during a match. Sometimes they take so long that they miss out on farming or buy the wrong items and end up feeding! Although the system is not new, Hyper Universe users must purchase items in the lobby shop and equip it to their characters 1~6 hotkeys before a match. During a game session only then a player can upgrade the equipped item from the gold they have farmed during that session. Each item starts off at level 0 and uprading it per level will give it some kind of boost. For example, boots can only be upgraded twice during a match. The first upgrade will give it a slight movement speed bonus and another upgrade into the boots will do the same. The more times the item is upgraded, the more bonuses it will get! All of the characters will also have special items that enhances their specific skills. Ideally, you want to customize your 1~6 set before a match.

Thankfully, the game also lets you create 3 item loadouts so if you want to make a tanky build, or experimental items, or just glass cannon pure attack items. However, once you've chosen a specific loadout during a match, you're stuck with it until the match is over. Once a new match begins items are at level 0 again and you must decide on which customized item loadout you think will do good during the match. Lastly, the game has an auto-upgrade button that will automatically upgrade an item you have equipped once you have enough funds saved up. A convenient way for the lazy users. However, it will upgrade items based on the order you have equipped. Meaning if your boots is located on slot one, it will upgrade that max first, then move on to your slot two item until that's maxed and move on to the next item. Might not be a problem if you customized your loadout well before a match.

Graphics and Sound - Looks Good to Me!

Hyper Universe Online looks great for 2D MOBA, I don't even think it can get any better than it is now. Unless they want to add more moving animations for the background of the 2D maps. The lobby is rather simple and it would be nice if they touched it up by adding some glows and animation or more interactive in some way. I don't really like the default BGM of the maps, so I often replace it with the other BGM's of the game. It kind of puts me to sleep or seems rather slow. A future jukebox would be nice with various BGM's other than that, I usually just recorded my game without the BGM on.

Conclusion - Open Beta Here I Come!

I'm definitely going to be playing the Open Beta phase of Hyper Universe despite the crazy ping disadvantage and delayed input from playing all the way from USA. It's about a 1-2 second delay for those wondering, feels like you're playing a game on a streaming service. I'd like to see this game come to the West, but it might have a hard time due to so many MOBA's coming out here along with my other favorite upcoming MOBA MXM Master Online to be released. New MOBA's always have a hard time in the game industry because everyone always ends up going back to playing the mainstream ones.

Developer: CWAVESOFT
Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: http://hu.nexon.com/