Husky Express Test Review

mainDevCats latest game Husky Express has got me hooked on it all day and night.  The game has gone through a lot of changes that improved it's FPS compared to the previous tests which is a big plus for me and others.  Husky Express may or may not be the right game for you all depending if you like dogs or not honestly.  I am usually a cat type of person but after playing this game so much my feelings between both of them are almost on par!


Meet your reviewer Steparu and Stepari!

I hope you and your computer is mentally prepared because this will be a long review.  I have recorded almost an hour worth of gameplay videos and took a bunch of screenshots.  Sadly to say that this game isn't very noob friendly to those who aren't able to understand a slightest clue of Korean.

New Dogs!

Let's get down to the basics of the game.  There ain't no racing or hitting friendly players or PvP implemented in here or some way to attack the mobs that you see near you.  But if you really insist on some action you can watch your character freeze to death, if that counts.  There are a lot of towns/outposts in-game but no major big areas yet.  You will find yourself traveling around often and visiting each outposts over and over.  It may get a little repetitive at first but you will grow accustomed to it after this is a delivery type of game with a lot of extra features that will be explained fully.

Exploring and Questing

The prologue/tutorial explains everything you need to know about the games controls but not the mechanics and questing stuff.  After you finish your prologue you will start the game with two dogs.  This is where your adventure starts, every now and then you will get a radio call from your partner telling you to meet up with certain individuals to help them out with their problems.  There are side-quests along with main story quests.  The main story quests are the more important ones to do because you can rank up your license, get free pet dogs, and a bigger fatter dog sled.

Trading Goods and Delivery

After completing a certain amount of quests certain NPCs will gift you with special items ranging from clothing, food, working tools, and junk.  At first you will be happy to receive an item like a Shovel or Pick Axe but little did you know there is a mountain of work to do with those items after obtaining them.  That's what makes Husky Express very unique and fun though!  It's not just delivery, buying, and selling junk.  There are a lot of things you can do with the tools given to you.  For example when I first received my Pick Axe I was mining like crazy "Gold Farmer" style in Mabinogi.

03 04

Mining is a very good way to earn money next to buying and selling goods.  Unlike other games you can buy items from NPC stores in this game and make mega bucks selling it to the town that needs it the most.  I wouldn't advise trading goods very early in game though since most towns are very near each other and the prices don't go up high at all.  After you have earned a lot of money from doing part time jobs, mining, questing and other stuff.  You can spend all that hard earned money on higher level dogs or buy yourself some clothing.  There are others way to earn clothing though. So don't go out rushing and spending all that money on pieces of clothing that you can find in hidden treasure chests in the world map.  Once you have your shovel you can go treasure hunting and look for hidden chests around the world map.  Treasure Chests are a good way to earn extra clothing but it kills a lot of time.  Most of the Treasure Chests you find either break upon opening them or have something really awesome inside it, perhaps a potato.  You will get more tools later to play with like a camera which you can take a picture of almost anything in-game even zoom out and in on it.

Mining is good money!


Beautiful Scenery