Alicia Online CBT2 Review

mainNreev's latest online game has a lot of players going crazy over horses. Playing Alicia Online brings back nostalgic memories of the time, when I first got my hands on Mario Kart. A lot of players will probably look at this game and be like, "Wow, a my little pony game?" Believe me, when I say this game is worth a try. Alicia is one of those games that you shouldn't judge by looking at screenshots and videos. A lot of foreign gamers that gave Alicia Online a try ended up getting addicted. Hell, I am one of them! It's not just the racing features and the different game modes that makes this game awesome. It's being able to raise, pimp out your horses, make babies, and brush them. As lame as it sounds, it's pretty fun once you actually take the time, and give this game a go.

Alicia Song & Start Button


Gameplay? Well, it's a fantasy horse racing game. Instead of making rice rockets out of your cars, you are equipping your horses with top of the line new equipment and addons like sexy looking saddles and side-packs. You and your horses are both provided with your own separate levels. Grinding your main character grants you access to better looking clothes that is restricted by a level cap. Of course, the same goes for your horses. All your equipment is shared between all your horses so you shouldn't buy two or three of each equipment. Buying that much, is a total waste of money! Especially, when all of the equipment for horses has a time a limit on them. Eventually, they will expire and you will have to re-purchase them. You will often find yourself returning back home to your ranch. Everything you need is in your ranch like, showing off your horses to your friends, training and adding stat points to your horses, cleaning them up, collecting & breeding rare horses, and many more. Your ranch is also a good place to practice maneuvering and special key strokes such as the starting boost.

Feeding and Cleaning Your Horse!

Controls & Tips

Alicia Online doesn't have a lot of keys for you to memorize, so it will only take a couple minutes for you to adjust.  It's kind of like playing a car racing game, you can even drift! The basic keys are as follows. Up key to accelerate, right and left keys for directional turning, and the down key slow down or reverse. Moving on to the little more advance keys and key strokes. Z to jump while you are riding, you can also execute double jumps by pressing the Z key twice, shift key to perform a slight drift, ctrl key to use your boost (in speed mode), ctrl key to use your item (in item mode). Holding down the jump button lets you glide down. Standing starting boost, during the count down of "3,2,1" press "Z key" in the middle of the 2nd countdown, as soon as you see start hold down the forward key to properly execute a jumping boost. As for the Sliding drift, hold down the shift key and the directional button of which side you want to drift to. After seeing your drift bar reach max quickly let go of the accelerate key, press and hold the accelerate key once more to perform a dash after your drift.

Alicia Online - Team Battle Item Mode Gameplay 02

Game Modes

There are currently four available game modes in the second CBT of Alicia Online. The max amount of users in all of the available game modes is 8, including you. The four game modes are single speed mode, team battle speed mode, single item mode, and team battle item mode. In speed mode, you can race against other players with out depending on items to win. This is the perfect game type for players who enjoy riding their horses peacefully. The only downside of this mode is, players that worked hard, breeding, and etc. Will probably almost always take first place unless they miss their special jumps and shortcuts. Anyway, this mode gets pretty boring after awhile. It's only good to play if you are trying to farm money and you have a decent horse. My favorite game mode would probably be the item mode. Most of the videos you see here are probably team battle item mode. I am so addicted to it because even with my crappy tier 1 horse I am able to win first place. Team  games are always fun, specially if you are leeching. The best thing about team mode is that you only need one person from your team to get first place. So you are the red team going against the blue team, and three of your team members end up hitting last place and you got first. Then you willl win it for your team! It's probably the easiest way to earn money in game if you have a pretty gimped horse like me. Afterall, I am rushing these gameplay videos for your enjoyment not to farm a super horse and show you how pro leet skillz I am.

Alicia Online - Team Battle Item Mode Gameplay 04