Tree of Savior Online Closed Beta Review in Progress Part 1


The first day of beta had just ended for Tree of Savior and I am ready to share some of my experiences. Tree of Savior is still in its 1st Closed Beta so most of the content you will see or read may change in the future. With that said, have fun reading and watching the high quality videos below.

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Bless Online Gameplay and Playable Jobs of the 2nd Closed Beta


Bless Online Closed Beta is back and the new tutorial lets players try out a level 36 character early on the game to see if it suits their play style. I decided to make a video and write a small review or preview of the playable characters below so check em out! I was zombie migraine mode while recording and encoding so the video volume might be loud.

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Civilization Online 2nd Closed Beta Features and Review


The 2nd Closed Beta for Civilization Online started a few days ago and I have been eager to play the game once again as I have enjoyed the previous beta. The first few days of testing didn't really offer anything new to those that have played the 1st beta thoroughly. Nevertheless I still had a great time during my first session match and looking forward to the next one later tonight. Meanwhile, grab a cup of coffee or tea and tackle my lengthy review below.

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Asker Online Online 1st Closed Beta Review


Asker Online previously known as Project Black Sheep is a new upcoming hardcore Action MORPG by Neowiz CRS Korea. I recently participated in the 1st Closed Beta and wasn't pleased with the overall results. Find out why below!

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MASTER X MASTER Online Review of the 1st Closed Beta


MASTER X MASTER is NCSoft's latest new title in development and a lot of people are questioning if it's a good or bad game. At a first glance one might think it's just another MOBA/AOS game with the same old mechanics that is copy and pasted from another game, but is it really!? Time for you to find out in my latest gaming adventures!

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