Dragon Slayer 1st Beta Chibi Monster Hunting Adventures Part 1


The first Closed Beta for the Taiwanese version of Dragon Slayer kicked off earlier today. The first day of test only lasted about seven hours long so I don't have much to share. However, the servers will be online 24/7 starting tomorrow for a couple of days, so I'll have more information about the game then. For now, enjoy the stuff I have below!

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Legend of the Condor Heroes ZERO Closed Beta Review


It's oriental season in the Far East and I am back with another Wuxia themed Action MMORPG titled Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero from Perfect World. This title is well-known for its popular fast-paced action combat system. Having watched the trailers in the past, I was excited to try the game out for the first time. Please keep in mind that this review reflects Closed Beta content and may improve upon release.

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Moonlight Blade 3rd Beta Review in Progress Part 1

moonlightmainMoonlight Blade is one of the more anticipated upcoming beautiful Wuxia themed Action MMORPG published by Tencent in China. I have been playing and enjoying this game for about a week and a half now and finally decided to share my experiences to my viewers and readers out there. Special Thanks goes out to my ninja friend for getting me a beta key and carrying me through missions as I don't understand a word of Chinese!

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Civilization Online 1st Beta Review in Progress Part 3 Finale


Welcome back to the third and final part of my Civilization Online review in progress! Average gamers probably won't look beyond the graphics and combat system alone. Civilization Online offers unique features here and there such as the real-time era transitions, player made cities in a seamless open world, naval battles, aerial battles, and more!

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Civilization Online 1st Beta Review in Progress Part 1


The first Closed Beta Test for Civilization Online kicked off last night and it will last for a week long! To be honest, I wasn't really interested in this game. I thought it was just going to be one of those MMORPG's where you just build random stuff, but to my surprise I ended up playing throughout the whole test last night. Find out why below!

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