Black Desert Online 2nd Beta Review in Progress Part 4 Finale


The 2nd Closed Beta for Black Desert Online is now over and I am already having withdrawals! This will be the last review in progress for Black Desert Online until CBT3. My review is going to be a lot longer than the usual because it contains over two hours worth of gameplay footage showcasing end game content, world boss, pvp, gvg, siege, and more.

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Black Desert Online 2nd Beta Review in Progress Part 3


Another week and another Black Desert Online report ready to go! Now that the Black Desert CBT2 servers are online for more than nine hours a day, I finally managed to get to level 50! What's new in this week's report? I will walk you through some of the game features such as the skill awakening mechanics, NPC trading system, items on market, unlimited levels, guild stuff, and more. I like adding a bunch of high quality 1440p and 2160p gameplay videos in my reviews so check em out!

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Bless Online Review of 1st Closed Beta


After giving it some thought, I decided it would be best to sum up my first Bless Online beta experience in one article. A fair warning, this review is for the 1st Closed Beta of Bless Online and the game may subject to a lot of changes in the future. With that said, check out my lengthy and strict impressions of the game.

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Kingdom Under Fire II Closed Beta Review


The 2nd day of Kingdom Under Fire II Closed Beta ended today and I spent most of night testing the game. I had a great time during the test, despite the IP block to users outside of the SEA region. Taking the extra steps to bypass the IP block was well worth my time as I am very satisfied with playing the game early. Are you wondering if KUF2 is still worth the wait and hype? Then you've come to the right spot as I will walk you through my testing experience below. Just keep in mind that this is the first English beta so the content featured in this review is bound to change.

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Aster Gate Online TCG Review


My avid readers should be aware that I can become a crazy person when it comes down TCG titles. With that said, I am going to write my first impressions of the newly released browser based TCG title in Japan called Aster Gate Online. It's been awhile since I have written a TCG review. I am hoping that this review may help you decide if this game is worth trying out or not.

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