Tree of Savior Online CBT3 Review and First Impressions


The 3rd CBT for Tree of Savior Online officially ended yesterday and I spent a great deal of my time playing like crazy! I manage to reach the level cap during the beta and tackled most of the end game content throughout the whole test period. Are you eager to learn about the new features of the game? Read on!

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Tree of Savior Online PvP Review and First Impressions


IMCGames added a new PvP mode feature in the latest Closed Beta for Tree of Savior Online. The PvP system in ToS is currently instanced based so no open world trolling or PK'ing just yet nor are there any plans for it in the future for the time being. Below you will find a collection of PvP gameplay videos along with a lot of my personal thoughts and opinions of the system.

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Dragon's Dogma Online Review of Closed Beta


Capcom Japan Dragon's Dogma Online is one of my favorite games that I've tested this year! I've never played the original Dragon's Dogma so the combat mechanics and monster climbing was all new to me. I was a bit blown away and instantly became so addicted that I ended up leveling two of the four playable classes during the Closed Beta and played through all of the CBT1 content.

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MXM Online Master X Master Review


NCSoft Korea is jumping in on the MOBA/AOS action with their new game called Master X Master Online. The game features playable characters from various NCSoft titles by such as Aion, Blade & Soul, Wild Star, and more. Would you like to learn more about this game? No problem, I've got your back!

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The War of Genesis 4 Online First Impressions Review


The War of Genesis 4 - Spiral Genesis was one of the most promising titles during its early announcement debut back in 2012. Unfortunately, the game has gone into a crazy hiatus development phase and was delayed indefinitely until he 1st CBT which took place earlier this month. Have you ever wondered what the current state of the game is? Check out my short first impressions review below!

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